About CloudXchange

Founded in 2013, we are a great team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, programmers and designers. We are small enough to be cohesive and agile enough to approach every single project with devotion, care and flexibility. Yet, big enough to accept coding challenges of all shapes and sizes.

When Work Feels Like Play, You Know You Are Doing It Right

We are a young and ambitious bunch of creative people who simply want to make a difference through our work. Giving it all we've got while genuinely having fun is the formula helping us face every challenge with a smile.

Expressing ourselves through our work while fostering a culture of always pursuing optimal solutions rather than writing just plain code is what helps us deliver fantastic results. Simplicity, functionality and elegance is what we strive for in our work.

Our Story in a Nutshell

We've been having the time of our lives for more than 10 years now.


The Journey Began

Back in 2015, foundations of a development company were laid, filled with enthusiasm and dreams, our first clients arrived and projects were delivered. Many of those clients remain with us today.


CloudXchange Got Bigger

The year we founded a brand providing coding services while focusing on CRM development. Turned out, we were better than expected and signed up many new clients / projects.


From Micro to Small

We ambitiously expanded our horizons. The team behind CloudXchange grew to 5 talented developers, turning us officially from a micro company into a small one. Yay!


We Hit Deloitte's Fastest 500 list!

By 2018 things got huge - the number of projects kept growing and we were chosen by Deloitte on their Fastest 500 APAC list! Having come a long way, we had already completed many projects and turned lots of happy clients into partners.


Full Speed Ahead

We officially took it to the next level. The workload increased, projects numbered over 50 and we took quite a big step: we moved to a bigger office and were finalists at the NZ Interior Awards!



These days, we are more ambitious than ever. Being full of ideas and inspired by passion for success, we are constantly learning how to be better and turn our vision into reality. The workload has increased and the team numbers over 5. A dream come true!


To become first choice of businesses looking for a quality partner in coding. Think coding, think CloudXchange.


Smart and steady growth with a beneficial outcome for each and every stakeholder.

What We Believe In


A partnership flourishes in the long term only when both parties make equally weighted efforts in favor of their mutual development and both draw lasting benefits


A successful partnership cannot be simply based on a contract. It needs a strong base willingly put by both parties who work towards building it up with mutual trust, respect, and loyalty.

Top Quality

Delivering a service of the highest quality is simply out of the question. To us, any partnership is valuable and requires the best of the best. Period.


We believe that transparency is a must-have element of any long-term partnership. That is why we pursue a policy of always being transparent and open with our partners.


True, talent may be just a percent of success while the rest is hard work. Nevertheless, exactly talent is what lays the foundation of the high class service we are here to provide.


A prosperous partnership requires a deep collaborative process between both sides. Despite being a part of different organizations, we keep our partners closely involved.

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