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Enhance your Bitrix24 capabilities by connecting it to Xero. Data flow is both ways and the Gold version supports Contacts and Items sync too. Subscribe now!

Bitrix24 Xero connector by CloudXchange

Bitrix24 Marketplace app Bitrix Xero Connector

Features Gold Version

Cost effective option with increased time for development. Best for none rushed projects.

Silver Version

Fast delivery option with shorter timeframes. Best for projects with strict and short deadlines.

Users can specify what invoice status in Bitrix24 maps to what invoice status in Xero, including any custom invoice statuses they may have added in Bitrix24.
Invoice(s) from Bitrix24 can be created or updated in Xero by pressing the “Create / Edit on Xero” button.
If the invoice is already present in Xero, it is updated with all information from the invoice in Bitrix24.
If this invoice is not present, the app generates it in Xero and assigns it to the relevant contact.
All Products on the invoice in Bitrix24 are added as line items on the invoice in Xero.
If the invoice is created for a contact that does not exist in Xero, this contact is created automatically in Xero and marked as a customer.
When the “update from Xero” button is pressed, all invoices with their statuses are looked up from Xero.
If any invoice status has changed, for e.g. if an invoice is marked as Paid, the new status is applied to the invoice is Bitrix24.
The app respects user access permissions for viewing / editing invoices.
Users will only be able to see invoices that they have privileges for.
Users can use any login with Xero to use the app.
The login to Xero is kept alive for 30 mins and the user is logged out automatically after.
The app is built with using responsive design features and will render on any device — desktop, mobile or tablet.
Results are also paginated for better user experience.
Users can select the number of results shown per page.
Invoices can be filtered by their last modified dates to show only relevant invoices to sync with Xero.
Customer contacts from Xero can be imported as Companies into Bitrix24.
Items from Xero can be imported as Products in Bitrix24.
The default currency can be specified for import.
"Add New Product" tab is used to add a new Product to Bitrix24 and Xero at the same time.
User can specify prices, names, product section & Xero details.
Xero Account Codes are looked up in real time and predictive codes are offered as the user types in the field.
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